More Cost of Living For Bicknell, More People Leaving

With the City of Bicknell looking or planning to add another charge of about $8.50 to the people of Bicknell’s monthly burden for living here for storm sewers.

Storm sewers fee? I predicted this would happen a couple of years ago.

Anyway this is simply the first step by the city to pick the pockets of the people living in Bicknell once again; the second step will be to get into the cash register of all the local business. I predict that soon they will be talking about a storm water runoff fee most likely figured by square footage of the roofs and their parking lots; the fee will use the square footage multiplied by some made up dollar figure to arrive at the maximum payment due monthly to cover whatever over spending that they are planning.

Why the ‘people elected’ cannot find a way to do anything without adding one fee or tax after another is beyond my comprehension, these people should be working to help the people of Bicknell but instead they pick the Bicknell residents pockets every year since I’ve been paying attention to the city’s politics. It always seems like they are always busy trying to keep themselves in office.

It’s like a never ending battle with few victories, in most cases the mayors and council members have made up their minds well before the council meetings where they suggest that we put in our two cents so they usually load up the council chamber with their cronies or use an angry mayor to drown out those with different opinions.

In other words once these people are elected they look around at Indianapolis or Vincennes to see how they robbed the people then they attempt to do the same, this is how I knew that they would be trying to sat a monthly fee for storm water and it is also how I know that before the election they will be attempting to collect even more from businesses, they feel that all business people are loaded with money and they believe that they can pay and pay and pay; none of the city politicians understand business just like they don’t understand that people will move because of these excess costs.

I’m running for Bicknell mayor and if the people of Bicknell are fed up with this nonsense and elect me I will repeal all of these burdens from the pocket books of the people of Bicknell; I understand that the only thing that can produce enough revenue to reduce the cost of living in Bicknell and the only thing that will increase cash to maintain the roads, sidewalks, waste water, storm water and paychecks is a larger population; to get this population we must reduce the cost of living here; so I’ll begin with sewer, water and tax costs along with the understanding that it is impossible to run a town on grants alone it also takes planning, budgeting and action based on the needs of the people and the town.

John R. Stanczak

Let’s Dance Friday Night

Don’t let Cabin Fever get you down.

Come to our free dance this Friday Feb 20th at 7 pm at Old Town Players Theatre, 5th and Broadway in Vincennes.

We have two families with home schooled children who all are getting very good with great interest. You can surely keep up with the kids!

Next dance is March 13 then on the 27th.
Ron Ackman

Building on Main Street in Bicknell

“Regarding setbacks to build on Main St downtown APC says the avg of 75% of the stores in the block is allowed as a setback. On vacant blocks, zoned commercial, a 25 foot setback is required. Its really not too clear what will constitute a vacant block, since there are 4 sides to a block.” (Ron Ackman)

I can only tell you what I found out some years ago; so to me this reads that 25% is required for a set back or 25 feet whichever is greater.

In the case of the Townhouse Pizza building it was required for me to allow 27 feet because the lot was not wide enough to qualify for a 25 foot set back. They added it up for me and to have enough room to park 4 cars off road for the business I had to give up 27 foot and I could choose where, either the front, side or back of the lot; I couldn’t count the wide sidewalks or any public parking lots.

My lot was about 25 feet wide and around 55 foot deep so if I placed the set back on the side the new building would be about 55 foot long and 5 foot wide, this didn’t work, if I went to the front or back my building would have been 28 foot by 25 foot which means I would have had to operate a business in 700 square foot building which would need to include seating for customers, bathrooms,storage, office area and kitchen; of course I could have gone up 20 stories.

From what I understand the county has taken on nearly all small town old business districts and by the most part has forced them all out of business or at least into dilapidation.

This did not need to be except that the Mayor and Council members decided to tear everything down so that the grand father clauses covering existing buildings was made void. Now the city of Bicknell itself has already more or less destroyed the Bicknell Main street so unless they can get a ‘by’ from the county planning commission Bicknell’s Main street business is pretty much over with. When I was looking to improve my building on Main Street the county wouldn’t budge from their unnecessary rules.

I’m running for Mayor to start Bicknell’s recovery; mainly cost of living reduction and population growth, whether or not the county will work with Bicknell we have no way of knowing but taking Main Street from the county may and I repeat may open the door to repair what the last two mayors has destroyed but I’m sure that the county will fight any such action in my opinion because they favor Vincennes.
John R. Stanczak

Last Fridays dance and the one next Feb 20, 2015

Had a delightful time with two families and their home schooled children, teenagers down to toddlers. They are learning to waltz and are all serious about it. Very impressive.
Lucky 7 was danced a couple times and they loved the grand rights and lefts.
They are friends of the Reynolds family and are very similar with their attitudes and talent.
Feb 20, 7 pm at Old Time Players, 5th and Broadway in Vincennes is the next dance and we have room for YOU on the floor too.
You will enjoy.
Ron Ackman