John J. Vendes

Dear Friends and citizens; my name is John J. Vendes and I am running for City council in the 4th district in Bicknell.

I am a life long resident of our city and I need your help; like many I have had chances to move out of our community, but I never did because it’s home.

I was raised here and I’m raising my own family here as well. I don’t profess to have all of the answers to the problems that Bicknell faces but I am willing and ready to meet all of Bicknell’s challenges head on; I am ready to serve and I am no stranger to making tough decisions.

I am currently a 21 year member of the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, serving as Jail Operations Commander, I have held that position for 15 years and I have also served as a part-time police officer in the City of Bicknell for 11 years.

I am the son of former Bicknell Police Chief John Vendes who served the City of Bicknell for 30 years.

My mother is Cindi Parkhill, former 2 term City Clerk Treasurer in Bicknell.

I am running my campaign with my 5 star  program:

  1. Faith
  2. family
  3. honor
  4. loyalty
  5. respect

I will bring common sense and courtesy to the table, I will work hard because I share the same struggles as many others but I have never given up and also have never given up on on our community.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 812-890-8388 or by email at

My address is 1006 North Main Street in Bicknell, Indiana

Thank you

May God bless

John J. Vendes

The Mayor of Bicknell

Talked to Jon, the mayor, the other morning he seems to be having a lot of trouble with the council members and Clerk-treasurer’s office.

I’m not sure how the treasurer can cause him trouble but I do understand that he has a really poor excuse for a council for the most part, I talked to one member “Wally Cullens” (or at least tried to) but he had no interest in anything that I might have to say concerning Bicknell but he was fascinated with my grammar so I can understand why Jon is having trouble with them.

Several years ago I worked to get these guys out of office because they were responsible for the deterioration of the old sewer plant along with most of Bicknell. Once elected these current members are only interested in staying in office not the welfare of the people and property of Bicknell.
They enjoy sitting up high and keeping everything as it is even when ‘as it is’ causes Bicknell to slide downhill including lost population and revenue.

The last time they were in office they destroyed the old plant by not allowing money for repairs which caused the next council to purchase a new plant for 5 million dollars; a burden that has nearly destroyed Bicknell and is continuing to destroy Bicknell every day; now it appears that they are doing the same thing at the new sewer plant, at this rate Bicknell residents will be buying another sewer plant in about 10 years, can you say higher Bicknell sewer rates again.

The current council members have no intention, in my opinion, in working for Bicknell; as before they seem to be working for themselves.

(PS) how did all of these people get back into office without running for office? I guess that I wasn’t paying enough attention.

Also I was told that they forgot to install the new lights before pouring concrete sidewalks on Main Street. Can these people actually be that stupid? Surely not.

Just my opinion
John R. Stanczak