Obama announces restrictions on distribution of military-style equipment to police

May 18, 2015 Associated Press

 In a surprise announcement coming nine months after police in riot gear dispelled racially charged protests, President Barack Obama is banning the federal government from providing some military-style equipment to local departments and putting stricter controls on other weapons and gear distributed to law enforcement.

The announcement comes after the White House suggested last year that Obama would maintain programs that provide the type of military-style equipment used to respond to demonstrators last summer in Ferguson, Missouri, because of their broader contribution to public safety. But an interagency group found “substantial risk of misusing or overusing” items like tracked armored vehicles, high-powered firearms and camouflage could undermine trust in police.

With scrutiny on police only increasing in the ensuing months after a series of highly publicized deaths of black suspects nationwide, Obama also is unveiling the final report of a task force he created to Continue reading

Annexation in Vincennes will affect Bicknell (part 2)

There are other ways to increase population, and tax base by Aaron C. Bourlard.

We simply need to bust our humps attracting business here. Even if it is small business, that create a few jobs. That’s a start.

Jobs will attract people here, even with the sewer rates. People want to live close to where they work. With gasoline prices again on the rise, people will want to live in the same place their job is. We also need to build a sense of community pride. This is only going to be achieved by electing individuals who are proud to call Bicknell home.

You, as well as I, are always hearing stories of how great Bicknell was. It’s time to turn that table, and start talking about how great Bicknell IS. We need fresh people, willing to do the work, and not just collect a paycheck.

There are things that are done that can’t be changed. That is life. However, we don’t need people in City Hall that have that attitude. We need people who want to make solutions, not excuses.

I’m tired of seeing elected officials just give up and not put up a fight. With that attitude, there is no future in Bicknell.

I believe it was Henry Ford who said, ” If you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Call me the little engine that could, because I think we can, and I think we will.

It’s all going to come down getting the voters to the polls, and having those voters want a change. I think the citizens of Bicknell are ready for change, and I think they want to see a bright future for our city. I know I want my two daughters to be proud to say they’re from Bicknell.

(I copied this from comments because it shows a willingness to work for Bicknell. (John R. Stanczak))

Another Main Street Building Coming down in Bicknell

Sources tell me that Mr. Mackey is preparing to take down the old hardware store on the corner of Main and 3rd Streets; well this will add to the possibility of a long strip mall along Main Street in Bicknell’s future.

I saw that somebody questioned whether or not the city was planning this and the answer should have been obvious, the city administration has no plans as far as I can tell; no this idea is solely mine.

John R. Stanczak

List of Bicknell Voters

This is a list of people who have voted and when they voted, maybe it will be of some help to those running for offices in the fall.

Walking_List_with_Vote_History_20150415_103450AM__BICKNELL 1
Walking_List_with_Vote_History_20150415_103450AM__BICKNELL 2
Walking_List_with_Vote_History_20150415_103450AM__BICKNELL 3
Walking_List_with_Vote_History_20150415_103450AM__BICKNELL 4