Why I’m Running For Mayor

Why I am running for Bicknell Mayor; I firmly believe that the only way to develop Bicknell is to cut the cost of living here.

My first priority:

Our water and sewer bills have a combined total minimum billing cycle of about $50.00 per month which means that no matter what a person or a family does to conserve water it is impossible to change the cost below that dollar number.

This city program causes great hardship among the residents of Bicknell and actually creates a non-growth atmosphere that is causing people and families to leave our town; every time a family leaves or a family chooses not to move here it multiplies the problem.

The only way to restart growth is to reduce this cost; so I propose to cut the cost of water/sewer to a point where a family of 5 or 6 can survive here; I plan, if elected to maintain a maximum cost of water/sewer at about $50.00 per month instead of $200.00+ per month for a large family with a minimum billing of around $19.00 per month which will cover our retired citizens on a fixed income; then over the next 4 years of my term to actually lower Continue reading

Bicknell Roads

In Bicknell there are many roads that require surface repair month after month and the street department workers come around and patch as best that they can; especially when the mayor hasn’t made allowances for them to have the funds to do necessary repairs; it’s called budgeting or planning for future events; you know things that could happen.

Mary Street near where I live for example has at least two places that seem to fall apart within a few days after repairs have been made; of course a lot of it comes from water damage, but this damage could be prevented if the mayor had budgeted money for street repair; on Mary Street these areas that constantly need attention is a problem that can be solved by repairing the road bed and if it lacks a road bed put one in along with proper ditches to curb water damage along with proper ditch drainage to remove the damaging water flow.

Budgeting is the cause of the street repair problems all over Bicknell; right now the mayor is repairing storm drains to solve non existing flooding on Main Street instead of concentrating on our streets; some streets are so bad that they will cause your car or truck to fall apart if you are required to drive on them daily.

As mayor if elected I will budget monies for street repair which includes products for ice and snow removal in the winter and a lot less interest in repairing things that are not a problem just because I might be able to find a grant to pay for part of it and If I did find a grant for anything I would be certain to read it before signing it.

I’m tired of Bicknell residents having to pay top dollar and in many occasions high error cost for everything because the mayor and council can get sold on every product or repair that grant writers or Indianapolis comes around with; mainly because of not actually reading it and relying on those selling it to explain it.

John R. Stanczak

Republican running for Bicknell Mayor

Council Under the Guidence of Councilman Gugiotta Forgets to Read Contract and Cost the Bicknell residents $72,000.00

City council members were surprised by a $72,000.00 bill for new downtown lighting; how can they be surprised didn’t they read the grant?
“The grant project included new curbs, sidewalks and – or at least the council thought – lighting but the council members were surprised Monday to get a $72,000.00 bill for the new lights.”
They thought?
What does that mean; did they move on with the work without understanding what it was for?
We were under the impression that the lighting was covered Gugliotta said the project must include new lights so if they really aren’t a part of the original grant, the city will have to come up with some way to pay for them.”
Some way to pay them, well we could start with the council members, mayor’s, city clerks and the city attorney’s payroll until they leave office; maybe then the next people will actually read what they are voting on.
Gugliotta said “the project must include new lights;” why does the project need new lights? I mean Main Street is nearly gone; where did it go; this very same bunch tore it all down.
Why not use the old lights?
They are free that is unless the dumb asses destroyed them; I know odds are they did; let’s look over their record or at least part of it.
Gugliotta decided that the water bills in Bicknell were too low so he investigated and found that he was right; of course his investigation kind-a went like this “hey water people do you need more money” and they replied “yes” so he went to the council and told them that he had investigated the problem and found that they did need more money; now the other council members without looking into anything voted yes on his word alone; this is not unusual they normally vote yes when anybody who is not a member of the Bicknell community asks them to vote for something.
I looked at the ballot and found that nobody is running against Councilman Gugliotta; why!!!
How can the mayor sign a contract without knowing what he is signing?
How can the Board of Works agree to something that they had not read?
Why would the Bicknell City Council members pass something that they had not read?
Why didn’t the City attorney read the damn thing?
It is obvious that the city attorney should be replaced; the mayor is being replaced and such power should be removed from the Bicknell Board of Works; Bicknell will most likely need a babysitter for the Bicknell City Council at least until the next group is sworn in.
Gugliotta says we need lights so we will just have to find the money somewhere; I guess like he searched to keep the water bill down or why he agreed to charge us for storm sewer work that we do not need.
At my house $72,000.00 is a lot of money but I guess it isn’t around the Gugliotta household; at his house I guess when he finds an unexplained additional charge of over seventy thousand dollars he just says well dear I guess we actually do need the widget so let’s find the money somewhere.
Suggestion: don’t try to find the money send the lights back and cancel the project for now; maybe the next mayor will understand business more than those selling Bicknell down the financial river.
Hint the people you are relying on to advice you and guide you are the very same people who are being paid for installing the storm sewers, the sidewalks and the lights; never ask the dog whether you should buy a steak for the dog; it’ll always say yes and pick out the most expensive.
John R. Stanczak
Republican for Bicknell Mayor
Much of these facts was copied from the Vincennes sun-commercial dated March 26, 2015.

Road Damage Warning To Bicknell Drivers

On Mary Street where all of the pot holes are between 4th and 5th streets the road is caving in on the ditch side so try to not drive on that side if possible it could give way and cause your car to slide into the ditch; also the culvert crossing under Mary Street is collapsing on the end on the ditch side end at the intersection of 5th and Mary Streets making a very narrow passing area. By viewing the missing rail of blocks on the bridge crossing the ditch at Mary Street and 4th Street appears to have never been locked into place by rebar anchoring being set into the culvert so the blocks wouldn’t just slide off the bridge if bumped. I imagine that the other side is also just a pile of blocks just setting there waiting to be shoved into the ditch.

Be careful when driving on Mary Street.

John R. Stanczak

The cost of living in Bicknell can’t be helped!!! “It’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”

Nearly every candidate that I have ever talked to has told me this; you know “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.” It started with the mayor and council members who placed this huge sewer plant burden on all of us; I along with a few others spent hours and hours trying to get them to not put us in so much debt so that the rates wouldn’t go through the roof, their answer “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”
Even a lot of city workers wanted to just let it raise our rates because “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”
Back then candidates who I talked to including the current mayor said “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”
Now many of the current candidates has decided that the cost of living here is just that a cost of living here saying –you guessed it “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”
Now I’m of the opposite view and I believe that there is something that can be done about it; besides how can all of these people know that “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.” Since nobody in the last 12 years has ever tried to do something about it.
A long time ago 3 of us went to Indianapolis and spoke to Mr. Tom Easterly; we had a plan to repair the old plant and still get into compliance with the State and he agreed that if we could get some engineering figures to back our plan he would be Ok with repairing and up grading the old plant.
Of course the then mayor said “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it” and refused to even discuss the plan or hire an engineer; the council then listened to the plan and told us “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.” Of course they may not count since they believed that they were working for the mayor.
Things don’t seem to have changed very much because everybody at the city level believes that “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.” The only difference now is that it has grown to include property taxes, sewer cost, water cost, storm water cost, trash stickers, bridges, culverts, ditches and street resurfacing.
My question is if you believe that “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it” then why are you running for office?
If it is true that “it’s a done deal, there is nothing we can do about it.” Why not shut down the city government and turn everything over to the county and the State; after all as I look around Bicknell they already seem to be in charge so why not cut our overhead costs and get out of the city government business.
I believe that “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it” is an obsolete way of thinking and it’s time to try an “it can be changed for the good” saying in our city government.
John R. Stanczak

Republican for mayor

Annexation Code in Indiana

It seems that the State of Indiana has decided that annexation by a city as it has been done for many years will change sometime after the first of the year; after the first of the year the people being annexed will be able to vote on it and it will required a 75% positive vote before the annexation can go through. I certainly understand how difficult it is to get people to vote yes for change in their live; so if Bicknell has been thinking about expanding its tax base it is something that must be done now.

I have been asked if I’m for annexation to help Bicknell and I do think that it could be used to increase the Bicknell tax base but time is short and in the future it will be a lot more expensive and take a lot more time to do it.

It appears that Vincennes is moving along with annexation right now trying to beat the change in the Indiana Code.

John R. Stanczak

Republican running for Bicknell Mayor

To the Bicknell Mayor and the Bicknell City Council “STOP”

I drove by the little restaurant down on Main Street this morning and I could see that the Mayor and at least one council member were sitting in there having a meeting of sorts; since you are having a meeting maybe I can chime in for a minute; Stop destroying Bicknell!
Now this involves several poor decisions that have been made by our elected officials and the list appears to be getting larger and larger; but I want to narrow this discussion down to Main Street sidewalks and Main Street storm sewers.
I just wanted to test my thoughts on the subject so I decided to ask a sophomore at North Knox High School; the question: if you could get a grant to replace the sidewalks along Main Street with new ones but in order to do that Main Street would be required to be made narrower by two feet and parking would only be allowed on one side would you agree to it?
Now the answer without any coaching; no I wouldn’t, why would anybody sign anything that would make the street narrower and why would I want to make less parking?
So it appears that even a 14 year old has a better grasp on life and business than our elected officials; take the time to think about this sidewalk grant and either give it up or move the work off of Main Street.
Why would any city agree to give up so much; it is time to think about your actions having consequences and so far either the city is not aware of the consequences or they simply do not have enough business sense to recognize a bad deal.
I suggest that you repair the Main Street sidewalks a section at a time so that the two foot cut is not required. This is a simple solution that will get new sidewalks and maintain the wider street which will payoff in the future especially if people get into office who will work to build Bicknell’s population and businesses.
Second do not replace anything that requires tearing up the sidewalks; this means stop replacing storm sewers along Main Street.
If possible use the grant money to replace and repair grates and actual damaged storm sewers around town; if they are unable to find these places I’d be glad to accompany them around town and point out such places.
To sum it up STOP!!!
Read the grants before you sign them!!!
And for the sake of Bicknell please quit listening to the experts who are being paid for the grants; whether finding them or executing them, instead maybe you should talk to the business owners along Main Street, you just might learn something.
There are people living all over Bicknell who can be contacted for their needs and opinions about things needed around where they live and work; use them.
John R. Stanczak