Aaron C. Bourlard Introduction

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Hello, my name is Aaron Bourlard, and I’m running for Bicknell City Council, Councilman at Large. I have sent you this letter to introduce myself. I hope I can count on your support in this important election.
I have been a resident of Bicknell my entire life. I grew up on the south side of Bicknell and still live there today. I have been married to a wonderful woman, Amanda, for five years and I have two beautiful daughters, Isabella, who is five, and Vanessa, who is four. Isabella will start kindergarten at North Knox Primary this fall.
I graduated from North Knox High School in 1999. During high school, I was a member of Business Professionals of America (BPA) where I was elected to the office of Vice President my sophomore year, and President my senior year. During my time in BPA, I competed in district, state, and national competitions in the area of international business. I competed in the national competition three of my four years. I was also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a member of the only track team in school history to win a sectional.
After high school, I attended Vincennes University and earned an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing/Robotics in 2002. I then earned an Associate of Science degree in Fire Science and Safety Technology in 2008. I also earned the Top Gun Award in Weapons of Mass Destruction from the Homeland Security Division in May of 2008. I am a graduate of the Indiana Law Continue reading

Freelandville Water

The water lines that are being installed between Bicknell and Freelandville is to pipe water from Bicknell to Freelandville; I understand that it will be called Freelandville water. They tell me that the Bicknell water will replace the Knox County water in Freelandville.

I think that selling water it a good move as Bicknell residents need utility income which will hopefully allow rates to lower; now they should go see Freelandville, Edwardsport, Johnstown and Ragsdale for sewer additions.

John R. Stanczak