The cost of living in Bicknell can’t be helped!!! “It’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”

Nearly every candidate that I have ever talked to has told me this; you know “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.” It started with the mayor and council members who placed this huge sewer plant burden on all of us; I along with a few others spent hours and hours trying to get them to not put us in so much debt so that the rates wouldn’t go through the roof, their answer “it’s a done deal; there is nothing we can do about it.”
Even a lot of city workers wanted to just let it raise our Continue reading

Why I’m Running For Mayor

Why I am running for Bicknell Mayor; I firmly believe that the only way to develop Bicknell is to cut the cost of living here.

My first priority:

Our water and sewer bills have a combined total minimum billing cycle of about $50.00 per month which means that no matter what a person or a family does to conserve water it is impossible to change the cost below that dollar number.

This city program causes great hardship among the residents of Bicknell and actually creates a Continue reading

Main Street Plan For Bicknell

From all appearances Mayor Flickinger and the city council seems to be developing a strip mall to replace Main Street in Bicknell; but it will be broken up into several pieces because they didn’t tear down the entire street so now to make it all match they’ll need to talk the rest of the property owners into tearing down their buildings then try to convince them to add their money to the strip mall attitude.

By strip mall I am referring to those little shopping centers of little buildings and a long parking area between the street and the businesses; the question that needs to be answered is can a town like Bicknell whose population is slowly leaving support this sort of business set up. Probably not.

John R. Stanczak

Bicknell books of paid outs

It appears to me that there is nobody at home when it comes to spending; no matter how many times the Clerk Treasurers office tells the mayor, the council members and the board of works that they’re over spending none of these people ever respond. How any of them can keep their own check book in balance is a puzzle. Did you notice that Steve Volling (board of works) when answering the city clerk’s email told her “to get the answer she wanted she would have to ask the city clerk?”

Over and over the clerks office emails them, notifying they are in the hole financially it falls on the deaf; questions like where do you suggest that I Continue reading

Looking for State of Indiana involvement to stop illegal Bicknell City Council activity

Sent to:

This Indiana agency is supposed to take care of things but now we will find out if it is an actual branch of the Indiana government that does its job or just another cash cow. I understand that Lydia Duncan has involved them when the mayor sent everybody out of a council meeting then continued the meeting behind closed door thereby breaking Indiana Code but this agency apparently wouldn’t do nothing because too much time had passed. Pure nonsense!!!

Below is taken directly from the minutes of Bicknell’s City Council meetings dated   10/20/14.
What we are looking at and reading is an illegal act perpetrated by the Bicknell City Council members and the Bicknell City Attorney to pass an ordinance to assure that the county will be able to institute a new tax on the people.
There are State rules for passing an ordinance first being that once passed or Continue reading

Response to illegal vote by the Bicknell City Council

“This one is somewhat old now, but I hadn’t seen it before. That vote was for the Economic development income tax increase that Vincennes was pushing for (Mr. Chattin was their representative, I believe he is the Council President but could be wrong).
This came about when the jail tax was going to be dissolved by the county, since the jail was paid off. Vincennes wanted to keep the extra revenue by increasing EDIT funds coming into the county without adding an extra tax to the individual tax payers. Basically trade the jail tax for additional EDIT.
Bicknell voted to increase EDIT with the plan to use the extra $47,000+ to repair streets and to purchase other city supplies, not to increase payrolls. Whether that’s what it gets used for or not is still to be seen since the Mayor has still yet to amend his 2 year EDIT plan to include that much for street repairs.
The state of Indiana passed shortly after the last election a law prohibiting employees from also holding an elected office. That is why Stremming is not able to run again. He was grandfathered in when the law passed, but was made ineligible for any future terms unless he resigns from his position as a police officer. You were correct in stating that he does not have to abstain from voting even if it poses a conflict of interest, but he has had to file a conflict of interest form yearly with the State Board of Accounts.” (No name provided)

My concern about the jail tax being turned to the EDIT tax was not the tax itself but the way the council voted it into existence; according to Indiana Code the Bicknell City Council can only vote once on any kind of bill and cannot re-vote if the first vote goes the wrong way, which it did.

To pass the thing on the first reading and the first vote it had to be a unanimous vote and in the minutes of that meeting one council member voted ‘NO‘; therefore when the council discussed voting again in order to get the outcome it wanted and came up with the nonsense about they had just voted to vote on the first vote, then illegally voted to pass the tax changing it from jail to EDIT.

According to the Indiana Code and the jail tax did dissolved and for the county to increase the EDIT tax depending on that vote was illegal.

I can see that the Clerk Treasurer was not in the room at the time but the rest of them knew that they were doing something illegal but along with the City Attorney they chose to break the law. The City Attorney should be removed from the Bicknell payroll because he helped guide them to doing something that he should have known was illegal.

John R. Stanczak

Warning to City Officials From Bicknell Clerk-Treasurer’s Office

Clerk-Treasurer’s Office
City of Bicknell
fax (812)735-5253
From: Steve Volling <>
To: Rebecca McGlone <>
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 8:57 PM
Subject: Re: EDIT Funds
Well for the third time today I will try to reply if my phone will send this.
I have read your email and though I can empathize what you are feeling but the BOW is not the part you need to speak to on this issue. This is something that needs to be spoken to with the Continue reading